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    The information and data on this website are intended solely as general information and for general use and are not expressly intended as legal or other professional advice. No rights can be derived from this information and data. The Partnership ' Tech Law Premium Solutions ' (hereinafter referred to as "TLPS") is not liable for any damage that has arisen or may arise from the use of this website and/or the data and information provided on it. If use is made of this information and/or data, this will be entirely at your own expense and risk.

    The two Founding Managing Partners of TLPS are co-owners of this website, but shall not be liable in any way for any legal work or services provided by any of their Affiliated Associate Legal Consultants (listed on this website) or for any professional misconduct committed by any of them.
    TLPS’ Managing Directors only make sure your case is forwarded to the right Affiliated Associate Legal Consultant who handles the case under its own personal and exclusive professional responsibility.

    TLPS is to be intended solely as a professional network of legal consultants managed by the two Founding Partners of TLPS in order to showcase and promote the legal profiles of each Member.

    All TLPS Members (Founding Partners and Affiliated Associate Legal Consultants) shall be individually and exclusively responsible with regard to the professional ethics and regulatory compliance applicable to them under the legislation in force in the jurisdiction where their practice is based.

    All TLPS Members (i.e. Affiliated Associate Legal Consultants and the two Founding Partners) shall remain strictly independent from each other and exclusively responsible for any civil, criminal, tax and other obligation arising by law.

    In the event of complaints about any Affiliated Associate Legal Consultant, the Client should make contact with TLPS and its Managing Directors will try to solve amicably the matter with the Affiliated Associate Legal Consultant and the Client. Should such attempt to resolve the matter not work, TLPS’ Managing Directors will do their best in order to find another Affiliated Associate Legal Consultant that can take over the case.

    The first free consultation (FFC) with a potential client is only about determining the scope of work and giving a quote to such potential client. This case evaluation does not mean that the Affiliated Associate Legal Consultant will provide a potential client with actual legal advice on a matter and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

    The FFC is intended to enable the Affiliated Associate Legal Consultant to understand the nature of a potential client’s matter and to inform the potential client if the Affiliated Associate Legal Consultant will consider representing the potential client in connection with the matter.
    Before any TLPS Member can provide legal advice to a Client (person or entity), and before an attorney-client relationship is formed, such Member (Partner or Associate), to whom a Client's legal case/matter was assigned, shall enter into a fee agreement with the Client setting forth TLPS Member’s scope of representation and/or engagement and the legal fees that will be charged by such Member to Client.

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